March 22, 2010

Cake completed

egg yolks

Sorry about the break in blogging. I was in a wedding cake coma for about a week afterwards. My bins were full of empty egg cartons and sour cream tins, my cupboard purged of the staples like sugar, flour and baking powder. Luckily though my head still seemed to be attached even though I had been running around like a headless chook for most of the previous week.

Not that I was that stressed. Surprisingly I carried out the task quite well. It was more the sheer workload. I really had to get stuck into it. But I loved it. And that cake. 13 sponges later and not one failure. Now that’s a pretty reliable recipe in my book.

I won’t go into the math of it all at this stage. I’m still not entirely sure if there was too much or too little of everything. I was merely the sponge, mousse and butter cream making lackey. The wedding cake was put together by Rhianna at the venue. Let’s just say at least I hope it tasted nice. Somewhere down the track I’ll make a mini wedding cake and put up some pics. Right now though I’m a bit lavendered out.

 bowls of butter

Tonnes of butter were culprits in the making of this cake.


Beaters resting after having the crap whipped out of them with the mega batch of Swiss butter cream...

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