October 15, 2012

Taking the $35 Challenge for poverty

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“It looks like you’re going on a diet.”

“Hmm… this looks really, uhm, healthy…”

The comments about my food plan for the week have all been along the same lines. But no, I’m not going on a diet. I’m taking a challenge. The $35 Challenge. It’s a great initiative run during Anti-Poverty Week, 14-20 October, by food blogger Lauren Quinn from Corridor Kitchen to bring awareness to poverty. Basically for week I will be living on $5 a day.

Today I did the big shop, trying to stretch my dollars as far as they would go. Luckily I had to meet some friends near Paddy’s market so I stopped by for some fruit and veg and saved myself about $4 in total.

So what did I buy?

Veg:  $15.15
Pantry: $11.05
Meat: $5.45
Total: $31.70

2012-08-24 15.45.27

food challenge shop 2


More on what I'll be eating soon!

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