November 6, 2012

Happy Melbourne Cup Day!


Pressed for time I started on this baby after rushing home from uni last night. Now you might say that 9 'o clock at night is not the best time of the day to start a cake. You'd be right.

But I had promised my collegaues a cake for Melbourne Cup day and I hate breaking my promises.

The base for this cake is the Lavender cake I have made a gazillion times. But that didn't help. The base didn't seem right, the white chocolate mousse wouldn't set and even with some help from gelatine oozed out on the sides. Not to mention that I used too much white choc mousse on two layers and was left with only a smear on the last one. Sigh.

The one thing that did work was the fantastic Swiss Meringue Buttercream from Sweetapolita. Beautiful consistency and not too buttery. A new favourite!

Better photos and recipe to come soon. In the meantime, Happy Punting! 
lavender white choc mousse cake

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  1. Love the styling of the frosting, very nifty!