March 15, 2010

The Wedding Project

Remember my colleague who wanted the Lavender cake for her wedding? Guess who ended up making it for her? Yep. My first ever wedding cake. I was so excited when Rhianna told me she liked the cake that I immediately offered to help. In fact I insisted.
Then I panicked.

Because it’s only after you read up about wedding cakes that you realise what a nightmare they can be.

I had three dilemmas: How much cake did I need to serve 150 guests? What fillings go with lavender? And can the original recipe which is extremely moist hold several tiers?

But a promise is a promise and I kept my angst to myself while secretly borrowing every cake baking guide at the local library, sneaking around Dymocks for cheat reads out of Rose Levy Berenbaum’s “The Cake Bible” and scouring the internet for every wedding cake recipe I could lay my paws on.

First – thanks to Rhianna who took care of the sizing maths. Secondly the internet kindly provided me with the answer for the filling. It’s simple. Chocolate and lemon go with lavender. And third. Cookbook author Mia Öhrn saved the day with her useful suggestion of taking out some of the butter in the original recipe to make a firmer cake.

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