May 20, 2012

Swedish Walpurgis in Balmain


I almost forgot to tell you about the Walpurgis celebration I went to the other week.

In Northern Europe Walpurgis is a spring festival that is usually celebrated on 30th April. Swedes usually gather around large bonfires and there´s a bit of cheerful singing involved. 

I attended the Swedish Women in Sydney celebration in Balmain at Antique Floors. It was a gorgeous night, the snaps was flowing and caterers Two Swedes Cooking put on a fantastic feast.

valborg kräftsoppa 2

There was gravlax with cloudberry creme fraiche sauce, shots of creamy Crayfish soup, Mustard pickled Herring, Lingonberry pickled Herring, walnut and fig stuffed fillet of pork, Gratin of Swedish Pancakes filled with a fetta and spinach filling, brie with tomato marmalade, oven baked apples with Tosca tooping and chocolate cake.

valborg brietårta med tomatmarmelad

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