June 18, 2012

On Capital Hill

Parliament house

"Why the hell would you go to Canberra for a romantic weekend?"

Yes, my colleague does have a point. Why would you want to spend a cozy weekend in our nation's capital?  

Why not I say! Here are some of my top reasons:

- It's quiet.

- The air smells good.

- You can rent a segway. Wiiiii!

- There's hardly any traffic.

- There are lots of museums.

- They have Koko Black. I repeat they have Koko Black. End of discussion.

- You can actually spot a real Australian bird or two. And no offense to the imposter Sydneysider the Indian Myna bird, I saw a hawk, huge green parrots (Swift Parrots methinks), Cockatoos and Galah's. I haven´t seen that much colour since I left Perth, it was doing my head in!

- Oh, and I forgot to mention that the drive is straight down the highway from Sydney. Easy as.

Rhubarb and strawberry pancakes at Urban Food:


Hot chocolate at Koko Black:
Canberra Coco Black 3

Goodies from the Old Bus Depot undercover markets:



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