September 10, 2012

It's spring time let's Tosca

toscakaka sliver

Looking through my photos just lately I seem to have been baking a lot. So maybe it's time I shared some recipes.

It's spring time in the southern hemisphere and this Swedish classic Tosca cake is lovely with a coffee in the sunshine.

This is a buttery sponge with a nutty caramel topping. What's not to like! I used a recipe from Swedish food magazine but doubled the topping as it was a bit on the stingy side.

To the recipe

Tosca Cake

125 g butter
200 ml sugar
3 eggs
300 ml plain flour
1 tsp baking powder

3 tbsp milk

150 g butter
6tbsp sugar
2 tbsp plain flour
2 tbsp milk
100 g slivered almonds


1. Turn the oven on - 175 degrees celsius. Butter a 22-24 cm spring form tin and dust with breadcrumbs or use baking paper on botton and sides.

2. With an electric beater cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Add eggs one at a time until combined. Combine flour and baking powder in a separate bowl and then fold into mixture until combined.

3. Pour batter into prepared tin and bake in lower part of the oven for 25 minutes.

4. meanwhile combine ingredients for topping in a saucepan over low heat and once it starts bubbling let simmer for 1 minute.

5. After 25 minutes remove the cake from the oven and distribute topping onto cake. Return to the oven, this time on a shelf a bit further up and bake for another 10-15 minutes until topping is golden and cake is cooked through.


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